Adam Carlile

London based Rubyist, and part time adventurer

Cloudpress, a new blogging framework

Hands up who's sick of Wordpress? I know I am, I really dislike it's incredibly bloated codebase and I know I'm not the only one. Plus PHP isn't exactly what I'd call a 'feature complete' programming language. I tried Octopress, which I liked but never really got behind, as it wasn't quite the fire and forget solution I was looking for.

Hello service_disruption gem

Well over the past few weeks I've been working on a little gem that makes it easy to get notifications when the Tube status changes. As a byproduct it also gives easy access to the tube data as ruby objects too :)

Heroku Airbrake post deploy hook

After a lot of trawling around the internet I couldn't find any reference as to how to set up a post deploy hook for heroku. Even the airbrake:heroku:add_post_deploy_hook rake task didn't seem to work, so I have managed to piece together my own custom post deploy hook

Queuing Sunspot indexing jobs with Resque

I'm currently working on a social networking platform(very beta!) for London, and we use Resque to handle all of our background jobs, sending outbound mail, image processing etc.

If I could turn back TIME

Time, we can all agree, is an incredibly useful concept, unfortunately the recent decision to drop <time> from the HTML5 spec is not useful.

Meta programming, serialization

Oh wow, has it been that long already, I need to force myself to post something at least once a week, even if it's just posting pictures of cats!

Back to the UK

So after four months in Canada I've finally made it home and I'm settling back in to work after having so much time off. I've been all over the country in the past week attending interviews for various positions.

Beautiful British Columbia

I'm writing this sat in the International Departures lounge at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). All I can hear is the sound of running water, and the occasional passenger announcement. Out of the window I can see the snow covered tops of the nearby Coastal Mountains glistening in the spring sunshine. The sky is clear and the winds calm, It really is a perfect day.